How to Hire an Escort (Without Getting in Trouble)

Escorts often serve as great companions either when you need to be at a corporate event, a gathering, or any free time you have. While hiring an escort is a good idea, getting one without getting into any form of trouble is harder than you think.

If you intend to hire an escort, then following these steps can keep you out of any unwanted problem.

Use a reputable escort service

Reputable escort services with a lot of extensive reviews from their clients are often the best when it comes to keeping you out of trouble. Why do we say this? It is often tough to get a mole into an agency with proper business structure, but it is quite easy to use an escort that works alone.

Another reason why using an escort agency is right is that they offer a variety of escorts to meet different needs. Are you looking for a blonde? A Brunette? A middle-aged escort? Or a much older escort? All these requirements can be met, and they are especially important in business meetings where your client has certain preferences or special taste. This may be what gets you the customers’ attention.

Agencies are often always trying to stay out of trouble themselves, and they also keep you safe by making you pay to them rather than having to hand cash directly to the escort.

Read Reviews

Using an escort agency means that other clients have used the same company. Any reputable agency will have a section where clients can drop their review on the agencies services. Customer reviews often give insights into the negatives as well as the positives on the services of an agency. Be sure to go through them. This is the quickest way to learn if an agency offers services that suit your needs, if their escorts can give you the experience you desire, and if the company protects the interests of their clients.

You should talk to the escort before you hire

Hiring an escort for business purposes can be tricky. You need to find an escort that can make the right impression. Someone who is well groomed, of similar age, and can keep the conversation flowing. This is what you need when you need to impress a client. Talking to the escort beforehand can give you an idea of how well an escort meets your requirements. Most escorts often provide services as companions, and these are the ones that are usually much closer to what you will be looking for. All you need to do is to contact the escort agency and have them redirect you to the escort of your choice.

How to Find an Escort

The main reason why a lot of people ruin their first time meeting an escort is that they take it with levity. In most of my interactions, when I asked newbies what they think their experience will be, I was often hit with “I call, pay, and then sex.”

It is quite easy in their opinion but what a lot of newbies overlook is the fact that hiring an escort has more areas which they do not know about. Certain things that begin to come to light include:

  • Is it possible I get robbed or even get beaten?
  • What time will be right to pay for the service?

It’s during the period that these things start going through your head that you come to the realization that you may have wandered into an uncharted territory.


While this is often the case, if you get information that prepares you for what to expect, then you should be okay. That’s what this article is about.


Get the right escort to suit your taste

If you hook up with an escort whose personality does not match yours, then you’ve already ruined the date from the onset. This step takes priority. Once you select a great escort, then the whole process is sure to be successful. If you get unlucky though, then you may only try, but success is not assured.


Get prepared for your call

The call is where a lot of people go wrong and get into trouble. Your call should only be to set an appointment, nothing more than that. You should make sure it is short, straight to the point, and clear. Do not engage in a conversation and do not ask irrelevant questions. All you need to do at this point is to set the appointment.


Be calm and be confident – don’t be overconfident, some people get unlucky to call an undercover cop and end up getting arrested in the process.


Don’t ruin a good date

The date is thesupposed to be the step where you have the opportunity to take things easy but is where mistakes are bound to happen. While it is a good effort to look nice and show appreciation, giving money you intend to make as a form of donation may ruin what has been a good day – if you do it wrong. The first thing you should know; do not take a straightforward approach when you intend to give money. This can often be misinterpreted. Your escort may think you look at them as prostitutes. What you should do, seal the money in an envelope and then place the envelope in a conspicuous spot. This can be either on a dresser or bathroom counter.

Essential Qualities of a Good Escort Agency

One of the questions individuals who desire to hire escorts usually have is how to identify a great escort agency. Most times, your major point of contact is generally through an agency and not directly to the escort. This is due to a host of security and safety issues. It is for this purpose that you need to understand some of the qualities a great escort agency should possess.

Aside from this, most individuals who are in search of escorts are only after companionship or a perfect time without hassles. You are usually not in search of any tedious experience or issues with the law. There are many escort agencies available and doing business with the wrong one may end up leaving you disappointed. Worse still, you may end up having issues with the law.

Below are some of the qualities to look out for:

  • Vast experience

A quality escort agency should possess vast experience in the provision of services relating to escort. A great escort company would have an understanding of your requirements and preferences without making you spend so much time in describing what you desire. A great escort agency, based on past experiences can quickly and easily tell what you desire and even if they can’t, they will be patient to find you an escort that suits your requirements.

  • Customer Care

This is still another aspect that cannot be overlooked. A great escort agency has remarkable customer care. They try their best to make you feel comfortable and give you the opportunity to share out all your issues and concerns and resolve them as fast as possible. They should also treat any issue that might arise during your business with them as seriously as possible regardless of how irrelevant it might seem.

  • Top Notch Escorts

A quality escort agency would have escorts that are presentable and beautiful. It also goes without saying that their escorts should also have proper manners. The agency must have escorts of excellent standards that can interact with clients the way they would enjoy. The escorts should be able to fit into specific events the client takes them for. The escort should have standards that would be appreciated by you and also know how to drink and whe4n to stop. Nobody wants an escort that would end up publicly humiliating you. A great escort agency should have considered all these factors before linking you up with an escort. Your escort agency should also have a laid down policy that allows you to request another escort if you are unsatisfied with the escort they have provided.


There is a host of other qualities that make a great escortagency, by any agency that has one or all of the following is surely bound to provide a reasonable experience.